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timebubbles logo Free your mind with TimeBubbles to-do list in Excel® Revolutionary Excel® to-do list  In the real world, each task in your to-do list has a possible range of dates. That’s how TimeBubbles schedules. Choose to plan tasks on particular dates or let TimeBubbles schedule them for you. TimeBubbles visual to-do list focusses you on the most important while ensuring all other tasks are also completed on time. Gain control of your schedule TimeBubbles flexibility lets you deal with change; just one click to re-organise. Working with large volumes of projects and tasks is also stress free. TimeBubbles shows how your todo list can work over the coming month and warns when you might run out of time. Our customers really value being in control. Excel® templates to focus on your goals All tasks in TimeBubbles are related to goals, projects or people. This ensures your work is adding the value you intended. Your to-do list is always contributing to greater achievements. The spreadsheet with direction The floating bubbles make it easy to see what lies ahead for the week. The size, color and height of the bubbles make it easy to know what’s important, urgent and time consuming. Popping the floating bubbles as you complete the tasks will leave you with clear sky by the end of the day. The sign you achieved what you set out to do. timebubbles project list timebubbles pop bubbles timebubbles todo list timebubbles bubbles

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